Drivers Education

North Star Driving School offers young drivers an education about the rules, risks, and reality of life on the road. Our classroom curriculum is State of Alaska approved and is designed to teach you all of the important aspects of driving, and our behind the wheel training will provide you with access to years of knowledge, experience, and training that will help you to become a successful driver.

Drivers Education Package Details

Drivers education is ideal for the novice driver. Our 8-hour classroom training will cover topics regarding the rules, risks, and reality of life on the road. Classes are currently held one Saturday a month and are required to be completed prior to behind the wheel lessons.

Driving lessons are scheduled in 2 hour time slots, one-on-one with an instructor. We will not allow more than 2 hours of driving in one day.

NOTE: Due to high demand, the wait time to schedule after-school driving lessons is unusually long.

We are State of Alaska certified and approved third-party road test examiners for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Our beginner and advanced packages include one road test which is available to use once the student is ready and eligible. Taking our course does not guarantee that you will pass your driving test.

Once a package has been purchased you must complete lessons within 6 months.


Are you ready to take the road test?

For the safety of our examiners and the community, we will only conduct road exams, in our company vehicles.

Need to Know Information

If under the age of 18, it is required to have held a permit for at least 6 months before you can test with parent consent.

Documents that will be needed:

-Valid Alaska Permit OR
-Photo ID and signed Permit test scores from the DMV with a PERMIT NUMBER
-Proof of current registration and insurance for the vehicle

Please refer to the State of Alaska DMV manual for additional information on requirements.

If you require an INTERLOCK you must provide YOUR OWN vehicle.

Only the tester and the examiner are allowed in the vehicle. No Exceptions.

During the test, the examiner is only to give directions and score your driving skills. The examiner can answer questions before and/or after the test. Questions cannot be answered while the test is in progress. No small talk with examiner while the test is in progress, points will accrue for this.

After the road test is completed the examiner will discuss the results in detail.

In the case of a passing score, results will be avalabile next business day at the DMV for license issuance.

‚ÄčIn the case of an unsuccessful score, you must wait at least 7 days before you can test again at ANY facility in Alaska. If you wish to retest with North Star Driving School, you must pay the testing fee again.

You will be automatically unapproved for any of the following:

Any violation of traffic laws, dangerous or reckless driving, lack of cooperation or refusing to follow direction, contributing to a wreck, inability to properly perform basic driving maneuvers. For more information please refer to the DMV manual.